The Mark of Athena Audiobook by Rick Riordan

The Mark of Athena Audiobook by Rick Riordan: Heroes of Olympus, The Book 3

The Mark of Athena Audiobook

The Mark of Athena Audiobook



The Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan is component of The Heroes of Olympus, a five-part collection that expanded of the Percy Jackson as well as The Olympians collection. Rick Riordan –The Mark of Athena Audiobook The Mark of Athena is the third in the collection, in addition to begins with Annabeth, a little woman of the Greek alarm of understanding in addition to fight, Athena, making her method to Camp Jupiter, the camp for Roman half-bloods, or demigods. With her are Leo Valdez (young boy of Hephaestus), Train Gleeson Shrub (a satyr), Jason Grace (youngster of Jupiter, the Roman god of the skies), as well as additionally Piper McClean (kid of Aphrodite). When they involve Camp Jupiter, they discover that it has actually simply lately been attacked, yet Annabeth handles to find her sweetie as well as the protagonist of Riordan’s extremely initial Olympus collection, Percy Jackson (kid of Poseidon). The demigods gather in addition to talk about the Forecast of 7, which asks for participation in between the Greek as well as Roman demigods.

They are practically at a factor where the Romans prepare to count on the Greeks when the Argo II, the ship created by Leo, attacks the camp. Leo acquires condemned, as well as additionally the group of half-bloods, consisting of Leo, Percy, Annabeth, Hazel (kid of Pluto, the Roman god of the dead as well as the Abyss), in addition to Frank (youngster of Mars, the Roman god of battle), as well as additionally Jason are removed from the Roman camp. Leo neither remembers the attack neither has any type of kind of reason he would certainly have struck. Piper dreams that they require to go as well as additionally please Bacchus, so they travel to Topeka to find him. When they do, he informs them he does not intend to join their objective in addition to sends them to find Phorcys to get information relating to Gaea.

Gaea is the main bad guy of the collection; the demigods are intending to prevent her from reviving. She strikes the team as well as additionally takes control of Jason as well as additionally Percy, compeling Piper to select which of them will certainly live as well as additionally which will certainly pass away, because she requires both a females as well as male demigod. Due to the fact that Piper can pass by, Gaea requires them to deal with each various other. Nevertheless, Piper has the ability to quit them as well as additionally the group escapes. They identify that Leo was similarly had when he struck Camp Jupiter, yet without evidence, they recognize they will absolutely not get the Roman demigods there to trust them. So, they adhere to Bacchus’s suggestion as well as additionally discover Phorcys.

En path, Percy has a desire. In the beginning, the need reveals Otis in addition to Ephialtes preparing on your own to spoil all of Rome. He recognizes it is July, so the demigods have a time frame. The Mark of Athena Audiobook Online. Percy additionally fantasizes concerning Nico di Angelo, that, like Hazel, is a child of the god of the Abyss– other than his papa is the Greek variation, Hades. In Percy’s desire, Nico is caught. Percy assures to save him, as well as later on he is stired up by Annabeth. The demigods obtain below in Atlanta, where they uncover Phorcys with the aid of Keto, mom of all sea monsters.

Percy utilizes his powers as the boy of the god of the sea to obtain Phorcys to talk to him relating to Otis as well as additionally Ephilates. He in addition asks him worrying Nico, as well as additionally discovers that he is being made use of as lure for the numerous other demigods. Although Phorcys tries to catch the demigods in the aquarium, they escape, as well as Percy informs the demigods that they need to uncover a map that will certainly lead them to the Athena Parthenos, located in Rome. Annabeth bears in mind seeing her mom having a look at a map as well as reviewing the markof Athena Athena in addition informed Annabeth that joining the Romans would absolutely obtain her disowned, in addition to offered her a silver coin.

The demigods count on Aphrodite next off, that assists them discover the location of the map– Ft Sumter. On their methods there, the leader of the Roman demigods, Octavian, strikes them. Annabeth has the capability to bring the map after she controls her arachnophobia. That is when she meets Reyna again. Reyna is the kid of Bellona, the Roman alarm of battle, as well as additionally she is a leader of Camp Jupiter, in addition to Octavian. Reyna alerts Annabeth that if she does not return to Camp Jupiter to stand examination, they will absolutely be opponents when they reunite.

They lastly reach Rome, in addition to Percy has another vision. This time around, Camp Half-Blood is Gaea’s target. The old siren utilizes to save the camp, yet simply if Percy supplies himself as well as Annabeth up. He declines. The Mark of Athena Audiobook Download. Making use of the map, Annabeth maintains a collection of examinations alone. The others, at the same time, rescue Nico. Annabeth is taped by Arachne, so Percy as well as additionally the various other demigods most likely to preserve her. Sadly, she as well as Percy come under Tartarus. Tartarus is both a place– in the midsts of the Abyss– as well as an old god that is wed to Gaea. At the end of the unique, the rest of the demigods make their method towards Greece where they intend to find their technique right into Tartarusto rescue Annabeth as well as additionally Percy.